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Leonard DuCharme

Better. Cheaper. Faster. Every technologist since Henry Ford has touted some combination of these attributes as being the core value proposition of his or her latest widget.

Leonard DuCharme

At the core of BPM suites is a RAD (Rapid Application Development) workflow engine that enables the translation of real-world business processes into process-driven software applications, commonly referred to as workflows.

Leonard DuCharme

While large enterprises may follow any number of evolutionary paths towards the ultimate destination of industrial-grade document assembly, one of the most common includes a pit stop in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

Marvin Nelson

We just returned from a fantastic show in sunny Los Angeles. The LegalTech West Coast show was a little less chaotic than the LegalTech New York show in January, and the relaxed atmosphere made it possible for us to spend more one-on-one time with both new and existing clients.

Leonard DuCharme

Circa the year 2000, I bought a copy of Microsoft Office 2000, which I used up until about three years ago, when I upgraded to Office 2007. The old suite still worked fine, mind you, and I’d still be using it today if I hadn’t been forced to upgrade when I bought a Vista PC.

Natasha Sabey

Barron Henley of Affinity Consulting Group, LLC explains why HotDocs is the clear choice when it comes to simple yet powerful document building.