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Document Services

“After a few days of working with Document Services, I came up with an idea for commercial leasing, presented it to a large real estate management company, and in 20 minutes, they decided to outsource all their leases using our system!”

 - Partner, Smith, Gardner, Slusky Law

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Document Generation for SMEs

HotDocs Document Services is a Software-as-a-Service application (SaaS) that extends the benefits of powerful, browser-based document generation to small-to-medium-sized enterprises. Document Services accesses HotDocs Cloud Services for interview and document generation.


Document Services Features

Document Services is hosted in Microsoft's Azure Cloud, and provides state-of-the-art data security and global redundancy to make sure your document generation templates are always running. Among its many features, Document Services includes a powerful feature set that enables you to send email links to process interviews directly to your clients. This feature reduces the time your staff spends keying in client data. Likewise, Document Services allows you to embed links to interviews in any web page, again, allowing your clients to key in their own data.



HotDocs Document Services allows flexible monthly subscription rates. Speak to a customer representative today to learn how HotDocs Document Services can streamline your business.