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HotDocs Server document generation software

HotDocs Server

“It used to take 2-3 days on average to produce a short-term commercial loan, but with HotDocs, we can now generate one within a day, sometimes even within a matter of minutes.”

 - VP Credit Services, Western AgCredit

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Web-based Document Generation

HotDocs Server enables web-based document generation, allowing access to HotDocs templates in any commonly available web browser.


Web Applications

HotDocs Server is deployed in conjunction with a web application, which serves as an interface for managing and accessing HotDocs templates. HotDocs Corporation provides a variety of off-the-shelf, web applications for HotDocs Server customers. These web applications can be used as is, can be customized to fit an organization's specific needs, or can be integrated into other commercially available web applications, such as BPM workflows, case management systems, or GRC systems.


Who Uses HotDocs Server?

Many of the world's largest organizations use HotDocs Server for enterprise-wide deployment of HotDocs templates, including global banks, insurance companies, law firms, and government agencies. HotDocs Server is built with the flexibility and foresight to function as foundation-layer technology in any enterprise, no matter how large and dynamic.