LegalTech Review: Just Like HotDocs But Only Better

During a proof-of-concept or product demonstration, a vendor will invariably call out a feature as “just like HotDocs.

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7 Time-wasting Tactics to Automate Now

Why are you still manually editing standard documents? Manually creating standard documents is repetitive and time-consuming. Without automation, it can be extremely challenging to ensure documents are accurate and compliant, especially when multiple editors in more than one location are responsible for creating a document or set of documents. This ebook reveals 7 inefficient tactics...

Artificial Intelligence and Document Automation

Artificial intelligence and document automation can revolutionize operation efficiency for businesses. Download the e-book to learn more.

A Revolutionary New Platform for Access to Legal Content

HotDocs Market is a unique e-commerce platform offering expertly crafted legal templates from professional legal publishers, bar associations and other industry experts, all automated using HotDocs document assembly technology.