AbacusLaw now integrates with HotDocs

Document Automation, Document Generation

AbacusLaw now integrates with HotDocs

The latest release of AbacusLaw includes updates that are sure to delight legal customers—especially firms who rely on document automation as a part of their workflow: version 23.31 of AbacusLaw includes integration with HotDocs Advance, allowing firms to automatically assemble error-free documents using the client, calendar and case information already in the AbacusLaw system.

Users of AbacusLaw with HotDocs now have the ability to complete entire documents with one click or start with the information already in AbacusLaw and enter more information using an interactive HotDocs interview. Firms using AbacusLaw with HotDocs have reported significant time savings, increased accuracy and reduction of costly, embarrassing and potentially license-threatening malpractice claims.

Learn more about the integration here.

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