Assemble a Document in Word

Jake Lundin

August 16, 2012

Microsoft Word is probably one of, if not the most, used programs in the world. Word is used every day by everyone from employees of Fortune 100 companies to 3rd graders typing up their book report. The reason for this massive adoption is simply the convenience, power, and ease of use of Word when it comes to day-to-day word processing. However, for more advanced word processing functions, such as document assembly, additional plug-ins for Word are required.

To assemble a document in Microsoft Word, the HotDocs plug-in for Word will provide the greatest functionality, flexibility, and power. The HotDocs plug-in is an additional ribbon inside Word with tools that allow you to turn a document into a reusable template. 

This ribbon allows anyone to designate variable areas of a document without needing to know how to code. As a template is created, HotDocs also builds a question-and-answer interview in the background that serves as the information-gathering tool to compile the information needed to assemble a document in Word.

Once a template is created, it can be reused indefinitely. The HotDocs logic image allows you to make very complex templates to adjust to a variety of circumstances. You can also save the answers from the Q&A interview for reuse in other templates. Answers may also be used to produce a bundle of documents.


Thanks for posting this. Just what i was looking for.

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