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What training resources does HotDocs have?

Natasha Sabey

July 11, 2012

You’ve just purchased HotDocs or downloaded the free 30-day trial of HotDocs Developer. You’ve installed the software on your computer, opened it up, and you’re all poised and ready to save oodles of time and money by turning your documents into templates. But all of a sudden, your excitement turns into a blank stare as you watch the cursor blink on the screen . . . Where do you begin???

HotDocs is a very powerful and complex piece of software, and like all software, might take a bit of time to get used to as you learn how to use all of its tools. However, your time investment will be well worth it in the long run, and we’re here to help you all along the way so you can maximize your productivity.

Here are just some of the training resources HotDocs offers to help you learn how to develop your templates in HotDocs Developer:

HotDocs Webinars

First, you should definitely watch our free “Intro to HotDocs Document Assembly” webinar. It will teach you all the fundamentals of document assembly and how HotDocs works. After just a half an hour, you can walk away with all the knowledge you need to create a simple template from scratch. We also offer webinars on HotDocs Document Services and HotDocs Server so you can learn more about those products, as well.

HotDocs Tutorials

When you’re ready to delve a little deeper into the realm of document assembly and create customized template libraries with more complex variables—like computations, conditional text, repeat variables, and more—you should go through our HotDocs Developer Installation Guide and Tutorial in detail. Don’t be intimidated by this document’s size—you can probably skip or skim some of the sections that don’t apply to you or that you are already experienced with. It might seem like a daunting task, but this tutorial can help you become a true HotDocs expert, even if you just spend a few minutes each day practicing. We also have a similar tutorial entitled “Getting Started with HotDocs Document Services” for users of our cloud-based SaaS application.

HotDocs Training

If you’d like some extra help developing your templates in a more hands-on environment, you may want to sign up for one of our HotDocs training classes, taught about once a month via webinar by one of our consultants who has over 10 years of HotDocs template development experience.  The class is held over a 3-day period for 4 hours per day (with 12 hours of instruction in total). You'll first learn how to use HotDocs as an end-user, selecting templates from a library and working through the interview process to produce custom documents. The course then evolves into a hands-on template development workshop.  You can ask questions, interact with the instructor, and find out how HotDocs will work best in your organization. To receive a price quote on your desired training course, please contact us at 800-500-3627.

HotDocs Consulting

Personalized consulting is the highest level of template development assistance we offer. One of our consultants will assist you at a one-on-one level to determine your organization’s needs, assist with system integration, and help you develop your templates. You may call 800-500-3627 to receive a price quote and find out how our consulting services can benefit you.


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