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VBA for Word is a term used specifically in reference to the concept of building document automation (document assembly) characteristics into MS Word documents.

A VB document (Visual Basic Document) is an MS Word document that has been automated with Visual Basic for Applications. In other words, a VB Document (Visual Basic document) is an automated...

Document Assembly is software technology that translates the practice of generating legal documentation into a process-driven software application.

Visual Basic automation is a broad term that could refer to many aspects of Visual Basic programming or possibly to Visual Basic for Applications programming. .

The predecessor to HotDocs was a technology called CAPS (Computer Automated Practice Systems), which was a comprehensive standalone solution that enabled the development of powerful, process-...

Better. Cheaper. Faster. Every technologist since Henry Ford has touted some combination of these attributes as being the core value proposition of his or her latest widget.

While large enterprises may follow any number of evolutionary paths towards the ultimate destination of industrial-grade document assembly, one of the most common includes a pit stop in Visual...

At the core of BPM suites is a RAD (Rapid Application Development) workflow engine that enables the translation of real-world business processes into process-driven software applications, commonly...

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