a360inc Practice Management Solutions and HotDocs – 10K Documents a Day

a360inc, a provider of centralized practice management solutions, embedded HotDocs technology into its MasterView CMS platform used by the LOGS Network and is now able to support the generation of more than 10,000 documents each day. This includes simultaneously enforcing strict quality control standards. This powerful integration is increasing productivity and streamlining the administrative tasks at the LOGS Network of law firms and title companies throughout the US.

a360inc provides legal and back-office services to the LOGS Network of law firms and trustee companies in the residential mortgage and consumer credit markets. The addition of the HotDocs platform increased production and quality of document fulfillment provided by a360inc.

“The ability to integrate HotDocs Server with our case management system as well as create custom interviews for each template was what drew us to HotDocs in the beginning,” stated a360inc’s CEO, “The interviews lessen the amount of user interaction needed to complete a document, which simplifies the process and saves us valuable time. Not to mention, being in the legal industry, the opportunity to incorporate proven technology like HotDocs was incredibly attractive.”

Now, with HotDocs, a360inc has enabled the LOGS Network to produce more than 10,000 documents each day.

About a360inc and LOGS:

a360inc is an employee-owned company focused on acquiring and building innovative new solutions that redefine how technology and strategic outsourcing are used in the financial services, real estate and legal industries. a360’s mission is to radically change the way businesses in process-laden industries manage their operations and compliance to reduce risk and increase bottom line results. The a360 family of companies includes Firm Solutions™, C2C Title Services, Blue Ribbon Legal and CaseAware®. LOGS, a part of a360inc, is the leader in designing comprehensive and cost-effective legal and outsourcing solutions for the residential mortgage and consumer credit industry. Its reputation is built upon the foundation of a unique nationwide legal, trustee and title network and a robust professional mortgage servicing staff that provides the finest performance available in the industry.