General Electric (GE) is a global provider of aviation, power and water, oil and gas, energy management, healthcare, transportation and various other services. GE creates intelligent solutions across all industries to assist companies in managing business productivity and efficiency.

HotDocs is used globally within GE in the legal division, patent office and other departments across the organisation. Documents created using HotDocs document assembly technology include term sheets, offer letters and patent applications.

Prior to the implementation of HotDocs, the application process for GE’s patents was lengthy, complicated and time consuming. The company’s patent portfolio is as diverse as is it large and the process to register new patents was largely manual, which introduced risk from data inaccuracies or keying errors.

Utilising HotDocs Server, GE created a company-wide, centralised portal to streamline and automate the process of patent application. Integrated with related line of business systems and available through a single sign on, HotDocs has enabled a 70% reduction in the time taken to create the necessary documents – saving hundreds of thousands of dollars on an annual basis.