H. Edwin Detlie is an Iowa-based attorney operating a solo legal practice out of two offices approximately 100 miles apart. Detlie began using HotDocs in its first release and recalls thinking, at the time, “that HotDocs was the first application that actually did everything that it promised.”

CMS Germany is one of the largest law firms in Germany with more than 600 lawyers and 200 partners advising companies, and groups, in a wide range of industry sectors in all aspects of national and international business law.

Legal Aid South Africa (Legal Aid SA) provides assistance to citizens unable to afford legal representation or that do not have access to the resources required to manage their own legal affairs.

LawHawk was launched in June 2016 after the managing director of the company, Gene Turner, decided to make HotDocs document automation available as a service to his fellow lawyers in New Zealand.

The provider of a centralized practice management system embedded HotDocs technology into its platform and is now able to support the generation of more than 100,000 documents each day.

"It’s a high-volume approach that affords us interaction with lots of potential clients in a short amount of time. The bottom line is that HotDocs gives us a competitive advantage in the marketplace."

Hogan Lovells is a global legal practice that helps corporations, financial institutions, and governmental entities across the spectrum of their critical business and legal issues globally and locally.

Pro Bono Net is a nonprofit focused on helping increase access to justice for low-income and other vulnerable populations.

Wills for Heroes is a non-profit organisation founded shortly after the terrorist attacks on 9/11 that offers free legal services to firefighters, police personnel, and other public servants who respond first in life-threatening situations.

Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek uses HotDocs software for their diverse document assembly needs. Whyte Hirschboeck, known for its intellectual leadership, both in the field of law as well as in the community, uses HotDocs across each of its 40+ practice areas

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