Since 1997, WealthCounsel has been helping attorneys, financial professionals, and CPAs increase their knowledge and efficiency, sharpen their professional skills, and develop flawless strategies that help them reach their goals. WealthDocx, the flagship product offered by WealthCounsel to help professionals with the creation of legal documentation, is powered by HotDocs.

WealthDocx helps estate planning attorneys increase their document drafting efficiency by enabling them to create the highest-quality legal documents possible in a fraction of the time it once took. The intelligence and power of HotDocs interviews eliminate the human errors that cutting and pasting or repetitive typing are likely to introduce.

Unlike most other drafting systems, WealthDocx includes a state-of-the-art system called “WealthCounsel Dynamic Intelligence”, which educates the user about the underlying issues he or she should consider when answering questions during the interview. Therefore, in addition to increasing efficiency and reducing risk, WealthDocx actually improves the document drafter’s legal competency.

Thousands of estate planning attorneys contribute to the collective wisdom and insight of the WealthDocx system. WealthDocx users also enjoy unlimited free technical and legal support.

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