HotDocs for Document Creation

HotDocs is a suite of integrated technologies that allows you to transform word processor documents and PDF forms (documents consisting of fields and checkboxes) into process applications (templates) and to deploy those apps in any environment (desktop/on-premise/cloud) on almost any type of device, including handhelds and tablets.

Types of Documents

Any structured, rule-based document can be transformed into a process app, no matter how lengthy or complexit might be. HotDocs is ideal for contracts, sales agreements, legal documents, loan applications—in fact, any legal document that you need to produce on a repetitive basis.

Who Can Create HotDocs Apps?

You don’t need to be a software developer to create HotDocs process apps. Knowledge workers who have deep understanding of the underlying documents are often the best candidates.


HotDocs apps can be used in several different run-time environments—both desktop and on-premise available from HotDocs. Or, using HotDocs Cloud Services, you can integrate HotDocs apps into custom workflows or web pages. Software vendors can also integrate HotDocs into their own web applications, enabling their users to access the state-of-the-art document assembly apps.