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HotDocs is a stack of integrated software technologies that allows you to create document generation templates and to deploy those dynamic templates in any environment (desktop, on-premise server, cloud), and in any modern browser running on any desktop or mobile device.


BPM Integrations

HotDocs templates can be deployed standalone or can be integrated into virtually any custom or commercially available, 3rd-party web application. One common type of integration for HotDocs templates is with BPM (Business Process Management) systems, where HotDocs templates function as sub-processes within workflows. Other common integrations are with case management systems and GRC (Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance) systems.


Document-Centric Workflows

Many types of workflows involve the routing and approval of legal documents (for example, loan-origination workflows used by banks). But most commercially available BPM suites lack the specific feature sets necessary to gather the highly structured data required by complex legal instruments and then to use the data to generate the documents. Consequently, most BPM customers generate documents using some out-of-line methodology and then pass the documents into the workflow for routing and approval.


HotDocs Templates within Workflows

HotDocs solves the out-of-line problem, enabling enterprises to integrate sophisticated document-generation interviews into existing workflows. Such a workflow might begin with a trigger (for example, a customer clicking on a loan-application link on a bank’s web site); present an interactive interview (sequence of data-gathering forms), including question-specific help resources; make intelligent routing decisions based on data input; and ultimately produce custom, transaction ready documents, which, themselves, can be routed, approved, and profiled into an ECM or other content repository. Of course, in your business environment, you may have any number of workflow scenarios that could be enhanced by HotDocs document-generation process applications.

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