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HotDocs, a “Best-of-Breed” Vendor for ECM

For many organizations, such as banks, insurance providers, law firms, and government agencies, a critical piece of an ECM strategy is the rapid and accurate generation of complex, structured, repetitive documents, such as contracts, correspondence, wills, trusts, etc. HotDocs is the global leader for document generation and a Gartner “best-of-breed” vendor within the ECM class for document generation.


How Does HotDocs Work?

HotDocs allows you to embed business logic into your organization’s documents, (.DOCX/.PDF), transforming them into powerful templates. In use a HotDocs template generates an interactive interview (a sequence of data-gathering forms) that guides users through the process of entering all the information necessary to generate a transactional document. Individual answers can be validated for range, and sophisticated help resources can be designed for individual fields.



HotDocs includes powerful APIs (SOAP/REST) that enable templates to be integrated into virtually any commercially available web application within your ECM infrastructure. Likewise, HotDocs can be integrated into custom web applications, such as BPM defined workflows or even your organization’s own web pages. Data from existing enterprise storage technologies can be mapped directly into HotDocs interviews and additional data gathered in an interview can be written back out to storage. Resulting documents can be profiled directly into your ECM or document management system.


Deployment Options

HotDocs Cloud Services is a Document Automation Platform-as-a-Service (DAPaaS) that provides a hosted option for organizations migrating to the cloud. Cloud Services does not store your organization’s sensitive data, so security is not an issue, and Cloud Services is available under a variety of licensing options. For organizations wanting an on-premise solution, HotDocs Server is available under traditional software licensing arrangements.

With more than 1 million users in 11,000 companies across 60 countries,
you’ll be in great company when you deploy HotDocs.

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