How scalable solutions are helping law firms take case and practice management to the next level

7 Ways Document Automation Can Boost Your Business whitepaperAre you hearing about document automation and finding yourself unable or unwilling to implement it at your firm? This whitepaper explains its benefits and why you should prepare your firm to jump on board. Between reduced errors, boosted compliance, saved time, and increased data capture, this is one legal technology trend that’s here to stay. Read on to understand how document automation is transforming the legal industry and how it will help you reimagine your practice.

“Automation will spread to more parts of these businesses, with more reuse of information and a lot less manual manipulation of words on a page. You’ll have a firm made up of a concentration of smart and creative people, and document automation relieves them of day-to-day administration. It frees them up for innovation.”

— Seth Hanisek, Product Trainer at AbacusNext

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