For document-heavy industries, improving regulatory compliance can seem challenging, especially with so many people being a part of the document creation process. But, most of the problems associated with achieving compliance — data breaches, manual input errors, etc. — can be solved by using document automation software like HotDocs. 

In this webinar, we will cover four historic compliance trends around document and data control and demonstrate how HotDocs Advance improves the regulatory compliance process. We’ll also:

  • Explore HotDocs built-in compliance measures like user management and security, version control systems, audit remediation, and data integrity and security
  • Explain how HotDocs can be deployed in the Abacus Private Cloud and be used to thwart the most common cybersecurity attacks, like ransomware
  • Give a demonstration of HotDocs Author’s compliance features in-action including interview flow controls, a full suite of built-in financial and math functions (think excel for documents), change management tools, and more.

For more information, check out this post on document control, which provides a little more detail of some of the different compliance features inside HotDocs.