Join Chris Cardinal, AbacusNext EVP of Software Engineering, and Graham Penman, Product Director for HotDocs, as they discuss our latest release: HotDocs Advance. Learn about the exciting new features and functionality of Advance and the future of HotDocs development within the AbacusNext products and services portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions with HotDocs Roadmap

  • I’ve heard some older versions of HotDocs are being discontinued, how will that affect me?
    All HotDocs versions 10 and older have reached End-of-Life status, which means they will no longer be supported or receive critical security updates. If you’re currently using one of these legacy versions, please contact us immediately at (801) 615-2200 or via email at to schedule to your upgrade.
  • Are you eliminating the desktop version of HotDocs?
    Our goal is always to increase deployment options, not reduce them. The desktop version of HotDocs Developer v11 will continue to be supported for the foreseeable future.
  • Can I upgrade to HotDocs Advance from an older version of HotDocs?
    Absolutely. Our Professional Services team is standing by to help HotDocs firms upgrade from any legacy version to our newest, feature-packed offerings. From conversion, installation, and implementation to on-going training, our HotDocs experts have you covered.
  • How do AbacusNext and HotDocs products fit together?
    Since AbacusNext acquired HotDocs we’ve combined HotDocs’ industry leading document automation technology with AbacusNext’s 34 years of experience enabling professionals and businesses to automate their workflow, meet regulations, and eliminate the capital expenditures of IT infrastructure. The newly expanded AbacusNext products and services portfolio will allow us to deliver the next generation of business management and cloud hosting solutions.
  • Why did AbacusNext acquire HotDocs?
    HotDocs is a leader in document automation for the legal, banking, and insurance industries, as well as government, public and corporate sectors. The HotDocs team is results-driven, customer-focused, and staffed by talented, outstanding people dedicated to serving our engaged customer base. Together, under the umbrella of AbacusNext, we’re able to offer the most comprehensive portfolio of market-leading technology solutions that improve performance, mitigate risk, and maximize operational efficiency for our customers.