As part of an in-house legal team, demands on your time are plentiful and managing workload efficiently and accurately can be the most demanding task of all.

Reducing the time commitment for critical but repetitive document creation allows more time for the complexities and variances of the day to day in a corporate legal team. Join HotDocs for this free, upcoming webinar to discover the power that our document automation technology can bring to an in-house legal team.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • How HotDocs helps to minimize repetitive, routine work and maximize time available for critical issues
  • Common challenges in-house legal teams face in achieving standardized documents – you are not alone!
  • How you can completely eradicate the mistake-prone process of finding, renaming and modifying business-critical documents
  • Current use cases of HotDocs’ document automation software, across a number of sectors

HotDocs is the global market leader in document automation software and our technology is used in more than 11,500 organizations worldwide.