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We’re excited to introduce a new webinar series designed specifically for HotDocs users. This one is aimed at HotDocs template developers and each webinar in the series will focus on best practices that will help you achieve the maximum value from your HotDocs implementation.

Each presenter is a HotDocs consultant. Many of them have nearly20 years of experience working within the document automation field. They have worked with clients of all sizes in legal, banking, corporate, insurance, and government. They’ve seen it all!

The first of these webinars will focus on the following concepts:

Repeats – Understand the way HotDocs’ process logic and REPEAT fields work. Use this to improve the formatting and spacing in your assembled documents.

Consistency – Learn how to use INSERT templates and shared component files to minimize maintenance and to ensure consistency of language and functionality across multiple templates.

This webinar will highlight some of the advanced tips and tricks that will help you take your HotDocs templates to the next level.

Wed, Jan 25th

11:00 am EST / 3:00 pm BST

Thedate for this webinar is in the past, but a recording will beavailable on our website soon.