It’s Time for a Change: Better Methods for Drafting Complex Legal Instruments

Free CLE Webinar led byBarron Henleyand sponsored byHotDocs*

Thursday, September 18, 2014

3:30pm – 4:30pm ET

Available online at Virtual LegalTech

Carefully crafted model documents and templates are critical for most practice areas. Precedents represent the best of what your firm knows.

They help prevent malpractice, increase profitability and are a primary method for transferring knowledge to others in the firm. In spite of this, most law offices do not have a comprehensive set of gold-standard forms and base documents.

Instead, new documents are most often generated by finding old documents and modifying them to work for the next client (by either direct modification or dictation/transcription). However, this approach reduces accuracy and is much slower than alternative methods (which will be demonstrated during the seminar).

First, we’ll show you how to find and gather your office’s content and intellectual capital. Next, you’ll learn how to consolidate and annotate that content. Finally, we’ll expose you to the spectrum of automation tools from the amazing things your word processor is already capable of to document assembly applications like HotDocs.

For document-intensive and transactional areas of practice, improving drafting speed and accuracy directly impacts the bottom line while improving client satisfaction. Prepare to be amazed at the possibilities.

*Complimentary CLE will only be offered for credits in NY, NJ, IL and CA by viewing the webinar at the appointed time at the Virtual LegalTech show onSeptember 18, 2014. CLE credit is pending in FL.

The date for this event has now passed.