A Necessity For Insurance Companies

Accurate document generation is the most fundamental necessity of the insurance industry. In this highly competitive and regulated market, you must ensure that the policies and contracts you generate are not only delivered quickly, but are also completely compliant and error-free. To minimise this risk, many insurance companies, including 8 of the top 15, automate the document generation process using HotDocs.

The Power Of HotDocs

Virtually no document or form, regardless of its length or complexity, is too much for HotDocs to handle. HotDocs can be integrated with multiple databases, allowing you to generate custom documents and forms from existing client files. Whether your specialty is in property and casualty, life, or health care, HotDocs can help you generate accurate, error-free documents and forms faster than you thought possible.


HotDocs has highly evolved APIs and can be integrated into any website, web application, or workflow. You can run HotDocs in your own hosting center, or you can access HotDocs in the cloud.