HotDocs-The Publishing Standard

HotDocs is a standard among the world’s largest publishers of legal documents and forms. From estate planning documents to standard banking documents, publishers have learned that there is no document or form set too complex for HotDocs.


HotDocs has royalty-based licensing models that enable content publishers to deliver HotDocs-based solutions to customers using HotDocs run-time software. Royalty-based models are also available to third-party software vendors that want to integrate HotDocs process apps into their own vertical software solutions.


HotDocs has highly evolved APIs and can be integrated into any website, web application, or workflow. Publishers can deliver libraries of HotDocs process apps in a HotDocs runtime environment, or can integrate HotDocs into their own web applications. Publishers can host their own HotDocs Server form or can access the HotDocs cloud for their document generation needs.