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Transform Your Documents

HotDocs Developer gives you the ability to transform documents, such as contracts, wills, trusts, court forms etc., into powerful templates. Templates save time, money, and yield better quality documents than the old cut-and-paste/search-and replace method.

How Does HotDocs Developer Work?

For text-based documents, HotDocs Developer works inside your word processor. For graphical forms (PDF files with fields and checkboxes), HotDocs Developer includes a PDF automation environment. HotDocs Developer utilises an easy to learn and use select-and-click approach to inserting variables and embedding business logic into documents.

What Kinds Of Documents Can Be Transformed Into Templates?

Any structured, rule-based document can be transformed into a template, no matter how lengthy or complex it might be. HotDocs is ideal for contracts, sales agreements, legal documents, loan applications - in fact, any legal document that you need to produce on a repetitive basis.

Who Can Build HotDocs Templates?

You don't need to be a software developer to create HotDocs templates. Knowledge workers who have deep understanding of the underlying documents are often the best candidates.

Evolution Of Thought And Design

With its elegant system architecture and the sheer depth and breadth of its logic engine, HotDocs Developer is capable of virtually any level of document-generation-process automation. HotDocs Developer is the clear document generation leader for small to medium sized organisations on up to the world's largest enterprises, law firms, and government agencies.


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