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HotDocs Document Services Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any more questions about HotDocs Document services that are not answered below, feel free to give us a call at 800-500-3627.

What is HotDocs Document Services?

HotDocs Document Services  is a SaaS (Software as a Service) application that allows businesses already using HotDocs to transition from the desktop to the internet for document production. In other words, it’s like an online version of HotDocs User, with a few new and exciting elements built right in. Headlining the Document Services feature list is “Client Interviews,” the ability for businesses to email links for web-based, interactive HotDocs interviews directly to clients.

Is Document Services only for law firms?

Definitely not. Anyone who wants to access their HotDocs templates online or send interviews to their clients or customers can benefit from Document Services.

How secure is the data stored in Document Services?

It is extremely secure


Can I access Document Services using a Mac computer?

Yes! Document Services runs on PCs, as well as in the latest version of Safari on any Mac. No software installation is required.

Is HotDocs Developer required to use Document Services?

In order to upload your templates to the Document Services portal, you must have at least one license to HotDocs Developer. Developer license holders have control over all creation and editing of templates. However, once the templates are uploaded, users do not need to have Developer installed on their computers to use them in the cloud.

I have never used HotDocs before. How do I get started with Document Services?

First, you’ll need at least one license to HotDocs Developer. You will use this software to turn your Microsoft Word or Word Perfect documents and PDF forms into automated templates. After that, just upload your templates to your customized Document Servicesportal, and you’re ready to go! You may also want to take a look at our “HotDocs Document Services Administrator’s Guide” and our "HotDocs Document Services User’s Guide".


Can I buy templates from HotDocs?

We do not sell any pre-packaged templates. Our software simply gives you the tools you need to automate your own templates. Most people are able to pick up the Developer software fairly quickly and easily, and the time it takes to create your templates is well worth it. There are some independent publishers who sell templates that work in HotDocs; however, these templates may not work in Document Services, due to copyright reasons. Please contact the publisher of your templates for more information.


Can HotDocs help me develop my templates?

Absolutely. First, you might want to take a look at the free documentation on our website, particularly the HotDocs Developer Tutorial. It will answer most, if not all, of your questions about template development. If you’d like extra help, we also offer a training class about once a month, plus personalized consulting services. Each of our trainers and consultants have more than 10 years of full-time template development experience, so they can answer any and all questions you may have. Please contact us at 800-500-3627 if you’d like to sign up for the paid training or consulting services.

What is a Document Services “user”?

Each person at your company with access to your Document Services portal is considered a “user” and has his or her own username and password. If you need additional people to have access to your portal, we can easily add more users to your subscription at a prorated cost. These users are separate from any HotDocs Developeror HotDocs User licenses you may currently have.


Can we partition the templates on our Document Services site, so some users can access certain templates, but not others?

Yes, to edit the User or Group permissions for a template click the Permissions tab while editing the template on your Document Service site. From there you can add or revoke permission for a single user or a group of users.  You can also limit access to Clients and Documents in the same manner.


How does client interview pricing work?

We give you 20 client interviews for free when you sign up for Document Services. These can be used whenever you want and never expire. After that, client interviews cost $1 each, or you can purchase them in pre-paid packages at a discount. You are only charged if a client completes and submits an interview after clicking on a link on your company website or in an email. You will not be charged for interviews completed by internal Document Services users.


Can clients work on one long interview in multiple sessions?

Yes. The information a client enters is saved automatically every few minutes. They can also save their answers at any time they wish and close their browser, then return to the interview at a later time and pick up where they left off. However, once they click the “submit” button, their answers are sent back to the firm, and the client will be locked out from making any further changes, unless the firm sends them a new link to get back in. (Note: In this case, the firm would be charged for two client interviews, since the answers were submitted twice.)


Can I review, change, or add to my clients’ answers before assembling documents?

Yes. You can add new information, change, or delete answers from answer files whenever you need to.

Can my client download their requested document after finishing the interview without my having to email it to him or her?

Yes, when editing a template you can check the box next to Allow client to download finished document to give clients the option to download documents created from that template immediately after they have completed the interview.  You can also do this on a per client interview request basis.


Do all clients have to log in with a username and password to complete an interview?

Yes. For security reasons, all users must be authenticated. If they don’t already have an account with your firm the first time they complete an interview, they can quickly and easily create one.

Can I download answer files and use them on my desktop in HotDocs User?

Yes. All Document Services answer files are the same as standard HotDocs answer files. You can also upload desktop answer files for use in Document Services.

How do I customize my Document Services portal?

Site administrators can customize your portal by adding the name of your firm, your logo, and contact information. He or she can also sort and classify all your templates into taxonomies for easy searching. Please see the “HotDocs Document Services Administrator’s Guide” and the "HotDocs Document Services User’s Guide" for more information.

Can I import client data from external CRM software?

We don’t currently have the option available to integrate Document Services with external CRM software. However, you can download answer files from Document Services as .xml files and import them into a database. You could also create answer files on the desktop from your CRM and then upload those answer files into Document Services.

Can output files be transferred automatically to my document management system?

You cannot automatically transfer files created in Document Services to a document management system; however, you can easily download finished documents to your computer and input them into your DMS from there.


Can clients complete interviews on smart phones or tablets?

Yes, Document Services can be viewed on standards compliant browsers, including IPad.

Can I run Document Services from my own cloud?

Document Services is hosted in the HotDocs cloud. If you want to have full control and ownership of your cloud, HotDocs Server might be your best option.


In what countries is Document Services available?

Document Services is now available worldwide.


How do I sign up?

Just give us a call at 800-500-3627 and we’ll take care of it!

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