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HotDocs And Business Process Automation

Corporations of all sizes are embracing process automation technologies in various forms, transforming real-world processes into automated workflows. Perhaps the best ROI in the business-process-automation space is document generation. That's why HotDocs, the global leader in document generation, is in use in virtually all of the Fortune 500, where HotDocs process apps are integrated into just about every kind of document-centric workflow.

HotDocs Also Works For Small Enterprise

Just as large corporations recognise the extraordinary value of HotDocs, so also have thousands of small-to-medium sized businesses found that HotDocs templates generate legal documentation much quicker, with much less expense, and with much better quality control than the old search-and-replace, cut-and-paste approach.


HotDocs has highly evolved APIs and can be integrated into any website, web application, or workflow. You can run HotDocs in your own hosting center, or you can access HotDocs in the cloud.


With more than 1 million users in 11,000 companies across 60 countries,
you’ll be in great company when you deploy HotDocs.

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  • RBS uses HotDocs document automation software
  • XL Insurance uses HotDocs document assembly software
  • Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe uses HotDocs document assembly software
  • ECE
  • Lockmann Krane uses HotDocs document automation software
  • Caltrans uses HotDocs document assembly software