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The flexibility and versatility of HotDocs software facilitates its use across multiple sectors including legal, banking, insurance, publishing, corporate and public.  In essence, any organization that has a requirement for high volume, repeat and custom documentation can reduce costs, risks and time by using HotDocs to automate documents and forms into intelligent templates.

HotDocs customers create efficiencies within their businesses by deploying the software in a wide range of areas.  Time spent producing documents such as employment contracts, sales contracts, legal agreements, lending documentation and customer on-boarding is slashed, whilst productivity across teams increases.  Business process management systems such as workflow, case management, document management or CRM systems are made more robust with the integration of HotDocs document generation technology making document production an integral part of the process.

Clients report that the successful deployment of HotDocs can reduce the time spent in the production of complex documentation from days to minutes. With results like this, it’s no surprise that HotDocs has more than one million end users, globally.


In many cases, HotDocs reduces the time necessary to generate, complex loan documents from days to minutes, while enforcing compliance, improving...


According to a recent technology survey from the American Bar Association, HotDocs is the platform of choice for 60% of the US document-generation...


Accurate document generation is the most fundamental necessity of the insurance industry.


Corporations of all sizes are embracing process automation technologies in various forms, transforming real-world processes into automated...


HotDocs is a standard among the world's largest publishers of legal documents and forms.


For government agencies that generate volumes of repetitive, rule-based documents and forms, HotDocs provides speed, accuracy, and dramatic cost...

With more than 1 million users in 11,000 companies across 60 countries,
you’ll be in great company when you deploy HotDocs.

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  • RBS uses HotDocs document automation software
  • XL Insurance uses HotDocs document assembly software
  • Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe uses HotDocs document assembly software
  • ECE
  • Lockmann Krane uses HotDocs document automation software
  • Caltrans uses HotDocs document assembly software