LegalTech Review: Just Like HotDocs But Only Better

During a proof-of-concept or product demonstration, a vendor will invariably call out a feature as “just like HotDocs.

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Virtual Interviews in HotDocs Advance 1.18

The latest version 1.18 of HotDocs Advance allows client information to be entered directly into HotDocs through virtual interviews further expanding on company’s commitment to automating the flow of information.

Automate Client Intake in HotDocs Author

Businesses of all types must gather basic information for new clients. Chances are, your client data is obtained with a client intake. In this webinar recap we demonstrate how to streamline client intake using HotDocs Advance. We will also show you how the data gathered by that intake can be used to populate other templates...

HotDocs Advance Workflow Overview

HotDocs Advance product suite is designed to simplify your workflow, and to properly create your templates and finished documents with efficiency and accuracy. Learn more about the tools that make up HotDocs Advance, and see how it can help you, in this Free Training webinar recap....

Adding Variable Fields to HotDocs Document Templates

This webinar covers the different types of variable fields that can be used in the HotDocs Author program, and shows the user tips and tricks that can be useful when creating new templates....

What HotDocs Can Do For Your Business

Organizations like yours use documents every day — contracts, agreements, proposals, letters, etc. See how HotDocs document automation compares to the average manual process as we walk you through the production of a complex software sales contract in this latest Free Training webinar recap....

HotDocs Advance Overview

HotDocs Advance is the gateway for your users to get the full power and intelligence of HotDocs automated templates in their hands. In this Free Training webinar recap, learn how to leverage the document automation and document assembly power inside HotDocs Advance to increase efficiency, reduce risk, and eliminate errors....

HotDocs Author Overview

Template authoring has never been as powerful or intuitive as it is with HotDocs Author. As the native template creation tool for HotDocs Advance, the latest version of our groundbreaking document management platform, Author reflects the flexibility and simplicity of Advance. You don’t have to be a computer programmer to create a document template, you...

Document Automation with HotDocs

See how you can save time, reduce costs, minimize risks, and increase document quality, in this easy video demo of HotDocs, the market leading document automation software serving more than one million end users in over 11,000 companies across the globe....

Cut Document Assembly Time by 94% with HotDocs

In this free 20 minute webinar, see how HotDocs leading document assembly solutions can help you increase efficiencies, boost performance, reduce errors, maintain compliance, and cut document assembly time by 94%....

One Proven Way to Make a Profit with Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFAs)

Law firms are facing ever increasing pressure from clients to move away from the billable hour model and instead provide fixed fee or alternative fee arrangements (AFAs).

Eliminate Risk & Increase Productivity within your Lending Operations

Watch this webinar to see how document automation software and the Abacus Private Cloud can help you simplify your lending document production process while eliminating risk and increasing productivity.

Simplify Claims Litigation and Policy Issuance with Document Automation

Insurers face a number of challenges in ensuring that customer documentation is accurate and can be completed in a timely manner.