Transform your documents into powerful templates

HotDocs document template software allows you to embed business logic into your organization’s documents. In use, a HotDocs template generates an interactive interview (a sequence of data-gathering forms) that guides users through the process of entering all the information necessary to generate a transactional document. Individual answers can be validated for range, and sophisticated help resources can be designed for individual fields.

Ways to integrate HotDocs document automation software

Business Process Management (BPM)

HotDocs templates can be deployed standalone or can be integrated into virtually any custom or commercially available, third-party web application.

Corporate solutions

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

For many organizations such as banks, insurance providers, law firms, and government agencies, a critical piece of an ECM strategy is the rapid and accurate generation of complex, structured, repetitive documents, such as contracts, correspondence, wills, and trusts.

Enterprise solutions

CRM systems

Clients have integrated HotDocs document assembly software with CRM systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Sage. HotDocs APIs make it simple and straightforward to integrate HotDocs with any CRM or other line of business system.


For many organizations, the generation of complex legal documentation requires stringent oversight to ensure compliance with internal policies and external laws. A great way to provide this oversight is with HotDocs document automation, which allows you to build safeguards into the document generation process. This enforces best practices and reduces the risk of human error in documents.

Governance & Risk Management (GRC)

Most commercial enterprises and government agencies deal with these critical issues. HotDocs document automation software can assist any organization interested in imposing governance on its document production process.

Government solutions

Custom applications

Organizations do custom application development on a variety of different Rapid Application Development (RAD) platforms such as BPMS, VBA, VSTO, and more. Some build custom applications using integrated development environments, such as .NET or LAMP. HotDocs templates can be integrated into any and all custom applications.

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Integrations powered by HotDocs Advance API

HotDocs Advance includes powerful APIs that integrate templates into virtually any commercially available web application within an ECM infrastructure. Likewise, HotDocs document automation software can be integrated into custom web applications such as BPM defined workflows or even your own web pages. Data from existing enterprise storage technologies can be mapped directly into HotDocs interviews, and additional data gathered in an interview can be output. Resulting documents can be profiled directly into an ECM or document management system.

Deploy on-premise or in the cloud

HotDocs Advance is a full document automation platform available as a subscription, with both cloud and on-premise deployment options available.