Unlock new levels of efficiency

With HotDocs Advance automated solution you can be up and running with a full featured document automation software in a matter of minutes. Stop with manual copy-paste search-and-replace repetitive processes. Join over 1,000,000 other end users around the globe working in the future of document generation.

Easy to use

Upgrade your manual document production process and gain back hours each day to focus on business-generating tasks.

Reduce risk

Minimize the risk that comes with error-laden, manual document creation processes like find and replace or copy and paste.

Increase professionalism and market perception

Maintain consistent branding and formatting on all of your documentation.

Return on investment

Adding HotDocs Document Automation for SMBs to your workflow can dramatically reduce the time staff spends creating documents. See how much many hours your business can save by moving away from manual document creation.


HotDocs document automation solution grows as your business grows. Whether you’re creating 10 or 100 documents every day, HotDocs can easily be introduced to new offices, departments, and functions.

Paris Smith

Emma Cummins of law firm Paris Smith describes how HotDocs helps her firm to be more efficient.

Norfolk County Council

NCC’s HR Team Manager, Jo Gardiner, explains the benefits that HotDocs brings to the local authority.


As a HotDocs partner, Ben Summerfield, Director at Copyrite, details how HotDocs helps his clients.

< 30 minutes

Time it takes to produce a set of documents for a client

< 1 hour

Documents or document sets produced manually in 6-7 hours can be produced in under an hour

A few minutes

Short-term commercial loan now takes a matter of minutes down from 2-3 days

How does HotDocs document automation software work?

Turning frequently used documents into dynamic HotDocs templates is simple:

Take any document, form or set of documents used in your organization.

Use the authoring tool, HotDocs Author, to convert into a dynamic template.

For each new document, users can enter data using the intelligent HotDocs interview process.

HotDocs document assembly creates a finished, perfectly formatted document in seconds.