Easy. Fast. Efficient. 

Stop wasting hours on manual copy-paste, search-and-replace, and other repetitive document management processes. In a matter of minutes, you can have your team up and running with a full-featured document automation software designed to help SMBs thrive. HotDocs’ robust feature set:

Improves ROI

Dramatically reduce the time staff spends manually creating documents, and gain back hours each day to focus on business-generating tasks.

Scales with you

It grows as you grow. Whether you’re creating 10 or 100 documents every day, HotDocs can easily be introduced to new individuals, offices, and departments, and incorporated into their day-to-day.

Reduces risk

Minimize the risk that comes with error-laden document creation tasks like find/replace and copy/paste by using pre-filled templates.

Provides consistency

Adding HotDocs Document Automation for SMBs to your workflow can dramatically reduce the time staff spends creating documents. See how much many hours your business can save by moving away from manual document creation.

Business document automation software that empowers employees

While improved ROI and reduced risk are organizational advantages of using HotDocs, the user benefits of SMB document automation software are seemingly endless. HotDocs empowers employees to:

Create interview forms that only show relevant questions and provide helpful guidance. Conditionally include extra documents depending on how fields are answered, and easily populate form information into branded document templates.

Teams can create templates for all types of use cases. Template calculations can be numerical or based on text values. They also support table insertion and the utilization of other dynamic elements.

If an interview contains a numerical value, such as a cost in dollars, users may need that value represented in words, such as “four hundred and twenty-three dollars.” HotDocs makes these formatting changes automatically.

Users can select whole sections of text to be included in document templates only under certain conditions, perhaps dependent on multiple items of data, or rules. This includes the insertion of dynamic signature blocks for multiple signatories.

Made for growing businesses like yours

Streamline your organization’s workflow with HotDocs; the world’s most trusted and powerful automated document management software. Maximize efficiency, minimize risk, and improve all your document processes.
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"I love that HotDocs can integrate the information from all of our loan documents and merge them into one, easy document package with minimum effort. "
Wendy K.
Paris Smith

Emma Cummins of law firm Paris Smith describes how HotDocs helps her firm to be more efficient.

Norfolk County Council

NCC’s HR Team Manager, Jo Gardiner, explains the benefits that HotDocs brings to the local authority.


As a HotDocs partner, Ben Summerfield, Director at Copyrite, details how HotDocs helps his clients.

Bottom-line benefits

Time saved is money saved. But, just how much time savings are we talking about? It takes HotDocs… 

< 30 minutes

to produce a single set of documents for a client

< 1 hour

to produce the same amount of documents manually created in 6-7 hours

A few minutes

to generate complex documents sets (like loans), down from 2-3 days

How does HotDocs document automation software work?

Document automation software isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Turning frequently used documents into dynamic HotDocs templates is simple:

Take any document, form or set of documents used in your organization.

Use the authoring tool, HotDocs Author, to convert into a dynamic template.

For each new document, users can enter data using the intelligent HotDocs interview process.

HotDocs document assembly creates a finished, perfectly formatted document in seconds.