Who uses HotDocs document automation solutions?

The roles within our client base are wide and varied, including those responsible for risk management, business transformation teams, legal professionals, chief technology, information, operating and executive officers, compliance managers and those responsible for documentation.

Document automation software benefits multiple industries

HotDocs document automation solutions provide control and efficiency when producing documents. Banks, insurance companies, law firms, corporations, government bodies, and publishers all use HotDocs to reduce risk, aid compliance, and save time creating business-critical documents.

With more than a million users in 60 countries, HotDocs is trusted by companies like yours

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HotDocs integrations

HotDocs integrates with many different line of business systems, making document automation an integral part of Business Process Management (BPM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), document management, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), risk management, compliance and other business process systems.

HotDocs automated document solutions can also be deployed standalone or within a custom application to suit any business requirement.

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Consulting services

Our professional services team can help to integrate HotDocs technology in with your existing workflows and systems. Get the most out of your HotDocs document automation technology, and maximize your ROI.

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