Document Automation and Document Management Go Hand in Hand

To fully manage the document life cycle firms need to adopt two different technologies: document automation and document management.

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Document Automation Empowers Access to Justice

The justice system is meant to provide citizens with access to legal protection, but issues such as high costs and inefficiencies deny them real assistance.

Artificial Intelligence and Document Automation

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HotDocs Advance Cloud Winter Updates: Unlocking the Power of Document Automation

The team at HotDocs is excited to have had such a productive winter!

The Transformation of Banking: Taking on Fintech with Document Automation

It’s no secret that the financial services market is changing rapidly.

Increase ROI by Investing in Real Estate Document and Process Automation

The amount of paper documents still used in today’s real estate world is unacceptable, especially given how many technological advancements our world has taken in the past 30 years.

The Benefits of Document Automation in Supply Chains and Logistics

Supply chains, and the logistics that go along with them, have been a headache in recent years.

Automated legal forms can be life-changing for your law firm

If you’ve ever wished a document would just complete itself, legal document automation tools can get you at least part of the way there.

7 Ways Legal Document Automation Can Boost Your Business

Learn how legal document automation can help your law firm transform case and practice management processes.

Eliminating Risk & Streamlining your Lending Operations

Data is a huge opportunity for banking firms to leverage, but it also requires robust control to mitigate potential risks.

Document Automation Fits into a Digital Transformation Strategy

As technology advances, how will you keep your company’s digital transformation strategy ahead of the curve?

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