Introducing virtual interviews in HotDocs

At a time when most companies are operating remotely, virtual collaboration with clients is more important than ever.

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Microsoft Issues Security Updates to Exchange Server: What You Need to Know

The latest Microsoft security update confirms; now, is the right time to ditch the server and migrate to a Private Cloud...

What is Document Control & How Does Automation Software Make it Easier?

Document control is a technological approach to governing document quality and mitigating risk stemming from human error in the document assembly process...

Artificial Intelligence and Document Automation

Download our free eBook “Artificial Intelligence and Document Automation” to learn how AI and document automation work together.

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How Document Workflow Automation Saves Time and Reduces Risk

Using document workflow automation allows you to convert the existing types of documents you use most frequently into automated forms...

I Love Drafting Legal Documents (said nobody, ever)

Are attorneys and paralegals at your firm are still using a manual document creation process?..

Document Automation by the Numbers

Embarking on a digital transformation effort for your firm?..

Legalweek20: New tools for moving forward on cloud, AI, and security

Looking back on the many years we have participated in Legaltech, the energy and excitement level at Legalweek20 was higher than ever...

AbacusLaw now integrates with HotDocs

The latest release of AbacusLaw includes updates that are sure to delight legal customers—especially firms who rely on document automation as a part of their workflow...

Why lawyers should embrace artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made some impressive advances in the past decade, specifically in technology designed for legal work...

The robots aren’t coming for your job – they’re making it easier

Technology is advancing more quickly than ever, and with that comes the worry that it will create job instability—and, eventually, render the human workforce obsolete...

HotDocs users share a group HUG in London

In a world where many of us spend hours in virtual, screen-facing mode, face-to-face meetings offer a refreshing change of pace...

How Tech Injects Innovation Back into Law

How is technology impacting the legal sector for the better?..

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