Focus on your clients, not tedious insurance documentation

In a highly regulated market, insurance companies must deliver error-free policies and contracts that align with existing laws and internal policies. HotDocs revolutionizes your documentation processes and minimizes potential compliance risks through automated documentation.

Document automation for insurance companies

HotDocs document automation software is the industry leader and top choice when insurance companies decide to automate their documentation processes. Automation allows insurers to dramatically improve profit margins and deliver a high level of customer service that builds loyalty.

Automation and efficiency is the key to business growth and success, especially in the insurance industry. From the initial application to underwriting, reinsurance, and claims processing, nearly every document production process can be automated.

Easy. Fast. Efficient.

Stop wasting time on manual policy processes, underwriting, reinsurance and claims processing, and other repetitive documentation production processes. In a matter of minutes, you can have your team of insurers up and running with a full-featured document automation solution, designed to help your day-to-day operations


Insurance document automation software makes it possible to:

  • Adhere to approved business rules set by internal or industry authorities
  • Enable template version control to ensure all users or systems that produce documents use the latest, most compliant version of your document template
  • Promote standardization to ensure that all assembled documents comply with internal brand guidelines
  • Improve productivity by speeding up the document creation process by automating repetitive work
  • Improve efficiency by reducing time spent by staff manually creating first drafts of standard legal documents
  • Ensure faster turnaround times for approvals and document packages
  • Integrate with leading practice management systems to streamline workflows
  • Eliminate human errors that can creep into manual processes while reducing wasted time and associated costs
  • Protect against legal issues stemming from inaccurate, non-compliant content
  • Ensure global standardization by centralizing all aspects of  template creation
  • Improve document quality
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Client Story
Catholic United Financial

“We have completely transformed the way we create our policy documentation. Our process is much more efficient, saving us hundreds of work hours each month all while increasing the quality of our documents. Our customers directly benefit from these changes and love the improved level of service provided to them through our new online member portal.”  –Steve Miller, the Program Manager of the HotDocs and FAST project

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Client Story
AXA XL Insurance

“HotDocs provided us with an improved policy issuance system, which eliminated past backlog and provided accurate and timely policies, thus improving customer service. The library also ensured the integrity of our policy documents was protected.”  –Rachel Thomson, Technical Underwriter

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Client Story
Fortune 500 Insurance Company

The insurance company generates more than 500,000 individual pieces of correspondence each year using HotDocs. Such a process would be tedious and fraught with errors, omissions, and inconsistencies without the help of HotDocs document assembly and automation software.

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