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HotDocs was founded with the vision of pioneering innovative technology. The original suite of product solutions includes HotDocs Developer, HotDocs User, HotDocs Server, Hub, and Cloud Services.

HotDocs Server enables web-based document automation

As one of the precursors to HotDocs Advance, HotDocs Server allows access to HotDocs templates and interviews from any commonly available web browser, when deployed in conjunction with a web application. These web applications can be used as is, can be customized to fit an organization’s specific needs, or can be integrated into other commercially available web applications, such as BPM workflows, case management and practice management systems, CRMs, and GRC systems.

Who Uses HotDocs Server?

Many of the world’s largest organizations use HotDocs Server for enterprise-wide deployment of HotDocs templates, including global banks, insurance companies, law firms, and government agencies. HotDocs Server is built with the flexibility and foresight to function as foundation-layer technology in any enterprise, no matter how large and dynamic.

Royal Bank of Scotland

“We process in excess of 350,000 security and loan documents every year. HotDocs makes the process fast, flexible and efficient, providing us with a readily maintained system.”

Head of Credit Documentation, RBS

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HotDocs Developer transforms your documents

Document automation saves you time and money, and yields better quality documents than the old cut-and-paste/search-and-replace methods. HotDocs Developer gives you the ability to transform documents, such as contracts, wills, trusts, court forms etc., into powerful templates.

For text-based documents, HotDocs Developer works inside your word processor. For graphical forms (PDF files with fields and checkboxes), HotDocs Developer includes a PDF automation environment. HotDocs Developer utilises an easy to learn and use select-and-click approach to inserting variables and embedding business logic into documents.

Creating templates from all kinds of documents

Any structured, rule-based document can be transformed into a template, no matter how lengthy or complex it might be. HotDocs is ideal for contracts, sales agreements, legal documents, loan applications – in fact, any legal document that you need to produce on a repetitive basis.

Anyone can build HotDocs templates

The beauty of HotDocs Developer is that you don’t need to be a software engineer to create HotDocs templates. In fact, knowledge workers who have deep understanding of the underlying documents themselves are often the best candidates.

“Document assembly” combines the Answer file with the HotDocs template to generate a document.

HotDocs User desktop environment for document generation

HotDocs User is the desktop software program that allows you to organize, access, and run HotDocs document-automation templates that have been built with HotDocs Developer. Move through libraries of HotDocs templates to locate and select a particular template for a specific document. Once you’ve selected a template, HotDocs User will present the Interview in a way that is easy to understand and use. Generate documents using existing answer files, or go through the Interview to create a new answer file on the fly.

With more than a million users in 60 countries, HotDocs is trusted by companies like yours

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Cloud Services: a hosted document automation platform

HotDocs Cloud Services enables you to have the industry’s leading, browser-based, document automation technology without the upfront cost of buying software and the ongoing expense of managing it.

System users enter data into HotDocs interviews by keying in the data, importing data from enterprise storage systems, or a combination of both. Not only does this approach to document automation yield much higher quality documents, it also dramatically speeds up the process while reducing the expense.

HotDocs Cloud Services enables you to embed HotDocs interviews (wizard-like sequences of data-gathering forms) in your own web pages or business applications and to generate virtually error-free, transactional documents (contracts, agreements, wills, trusts, etc.) on a subscription basis.

With HotDocs Cloud Services, you can provide a custom, document-generation user experience within your own environments, including web pages and web applications.

First, you transform a document into a template (HotDocs Developer). Then you embed the template’s interview into a web page or business application using one of Cloud Services’ APIs. When a user enters transactional data into the interview, Cloud Services uses the data to produce a finished document. Cloud Services then makes this finished document available to your business application.

The quickest way to integrate a HotDocs interview into your own web site or a web-based business application is with HotDocs Embedded, a REST web service that embeds a fully-functional HotDocs interview within a frame on the host page. For organizations that want tighter integrations, Cloud Services includes additional web services that allow interviews to be placed directly in host web pages without the use of frames.

HotDocs Cloud Services could be used by any organization, large or small, that needs browser-based document automation, would prefer a hosted (subscription-based) solution, and wants to integrate HotDocs interviews into its existing web applications.

HotDocs document automation benefits businesses of every size

Small to medium-sized businesses

HotDocs can be deployed as an out-of-the-box solution, ready to go in minutes.

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Customizable solutions integrate seamlessly into your existing business systems and revolutionize your workflow operations.

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