HotDocs and document workflow automation

Document generation software provides some of the strongest ROI in the business process automation space. That’s why HotDocs document workflow automation tools has such a prominent place among Fortune 500 companies, and why HotDocs process apps are integrated with nearly every kind of document-centric workflow.

HotDocs and small enterprises

Just as large corporations recognize the extraordinary value of HotDocs document automation software, thousands of small-to-medium sized businesses use HotDocs templates to generate legal documentation more quickly, with less expense, and with much better quality control than the traditional approaches.

Flexible deployment

HotDocs document generation software has highly evolved APIs that allow it to be integrated with any website, web application, or workflow. Run HotDocs in your own hosting center or access HotDocs in the cloud.

  • Adhere to approved business rules set by internal or industry authorities
  • Enable version control to ensure all users or systems that produce documents use the latest, most compliant version of your template
  • Ensure that all assembled documents comply with internal brand guidelines
  • Speed up the document creation process by automating repetitive work
  • Reduce time spent by staff manually creating first drafts of standard documents
  • Ensure faster turnaround times for approvals and document packages
  • Integrate with third-party systems to streamline workflows
  • Eliminate human error while reducing wasted time and associated costs
  • Protect against legal issues stemming from inaccurate, non-compliant content
  • Ensure global standardization by centralizing all aspects of template creation
  • Improve document quality

“I spent several months researching document assembly software, and no solution out there is as comprehensive, user-friendly, and affordable as HotDocs.”

Jacqueline Cisar, Director of Finance and Human Resources, Lockmann Krane International

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Empowering corporations around the world

Client Story

a360inc, a provider of centralized practice management solutions, embedded HotDocs technology into its MasterView CMS platform used by the LOGS Network and is now able to support the generation of more than 10,000 documents each day.

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Client Story
Wilkins Kennedy
Wilkins Kennedy

The chartered accountancy and business advisory firm now uses HotDocs’ document automation technology across all of their UK offices. With some client engagement letters ranging in up to 20 pages, the amount of time spent creating each one has been vastly reduced by using HotDocs, with many now being produced in under ten minutes.

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Client Story
General Electric uses HotDocs document generation software
General Electric

HotDocs is used globally within GE in the legal division, patent office and other departments across the organisation. Documents created using HotDocs document assembly technology include term sheets, offer letters and patent applications.

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