Unlock new levels of efficiency

Four out of the 5 biggest banks, global corporations, and government entities have relied on HotDocs as their document automation solution of choice for more than 20 years. Cut down on manual repetition and step up your document intelligence.

Embrace the future of document automation

With enterprise-class architecture, HotDocs makes it simple to create collaborative, user-friendly templates.

Enhance compliance

Internal and external rules and regulations can be built in to ensure compliance.

Immediate return on investment

HotDocs saves time and money, increases accuracy, and improves output rate.

Scale with ease

HotDocs grows as your business grows, and can easily be rolled out to new offices, departments, and functions.

Paris Smith

Emma Cummins of law firm Paris Smith describes how HotDocs helps her firm to be more efficient.

Norfolk County Council

NCC’s HR Team Manager, Jo Gardiner, explains the benefits that HotDocs brings to the local authority.


As a HotDocs partner, Ben Summerfield, Director at Copyrite, details how HotDocs helps his clients.

A global bank reduced the lending process from weeks to a few hours

A large firm calculated a savings
over 125,000 work hours per year

A life insurer transformed a typical policy generation process from 35 minutes down to 3

HotDocs Advance APIs makes integrations easy

Business process management systems

Customer relationship management system

Document management systems

E-Signature solutions

To truly tap into the full potential of HotDocs, it should be integrated with the other technologies used to power your organization.

HotDocs technology integrations make it possible to:

  • Mitigate risk
  • Reduce duplication and increase accuracy
  • Accelerate business growth through seamless functionality
  • Fully utilize a business systems’ capabilities
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Control document output

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