Flexible. Scalable. Intuitive.

Your team is filled with innovators, creative thinkers, and problem solvers. The last thing they need is to be bogged down with time-intensive, repetitive tasks that can be easily automated. Enterprise document automation software dramatically simplifies document management processes, enabling you to reinvest the time savings into revenue-driving activities. With enterprise-class architecture, HotDocs:

Improves your ROI

Save time and money, increase accuracy, and improve output rate by automating 99% of your document management processes.

Scales with ease

It can grow as fast as your business evolves, and with a simple UX the learning curve isn’t steep. HotDocs can quickly and easily be rolled out to new teams, departments, and offices.

Enhances compliance

The ability to create built-in internal and external rules and regulations ensures industry compliance, and drastically reduces your risk exposure.

Helps brand management

Your brand is a managed asset that needs protecting. Highly customizable, stylized templates will keep all company communication consistent and professional, increasing your brand’s equity.

Document automation that works for large businesses

Not all technology has the flexibility to function across your organization, but HotDocs does. With a single investment you can provide your entire organization with a customizable enterprise document management system that fits seamlessly into their workflow. HotDocs enables users to:

Create interview forms for each department, job function — whatever you need. Make your forms conditional, depending on how fields are answered, and easily populate information into templates.

If there’s a use case, a template can be made for it. Template calculations can be numerical or based on text values. They also support table insertion and the utilization of other dynamic elements.

Users can select whole sections of text to be included in document templates only under certain conditions, perhaps dependent on multiple items of data, or rules. This includes the insertion of dynamic signature blocks for multiple signatories.

Different industries have different requirements, and formatting is no exception. If a document contains a numerical value that needs to be represented in words (1 vs. one), HotDocs makes these formatting changes automatically.

Made for leading organizations like yours

Streamline your organization’s workflow with HotDocs; the world’s most trusted and powerful automated document management software. Maximize efficiency, minimize risk, and improve all your document processes.
"...it allows users to convert documents and forms into dynamic and interactive templates that can be used several times...create forms with ease and also has a wide variety of features that are constantly growing and updated."
Fred E, Senior Account Supervisor
Terry P Consulting

As an independent HotDocs consultant, Terry Ponsford has been using HotDocs for over 20 years. In this interview, she shares her reasons for always choosing HotDocs.

TNB Solutions

Long-time HotDocs user and independent document automation specialist, Tony Biddulph talks about the ease-of-use and quality improvement HotDocs provides.


Richard Morley, an independent HotDocs designer, outlines the reasons why he chooses HotDocs to resolve several client pain points.

Bottom-line benefits

Companies all over are using HotDocs to improve their operations:

weeks to hours 

A global bank reduced the lending process from weeks to a few hours


A large firm calculated a savings of over 125,000 hours per year

< 3 mins

A life insurer decreased policy generation time from 35 mins to 3 mins

HotDocs integrates with the tools you’re already using

We don’t expect you to change your whole technology stack. HotDocs integrates with the other systems your organization uses; CRMs, BPMs, and more. Our enterprise technology integrations make it possible to:

  • Mitigate risk
  • Reduce duplication and increase accuracy
  • Accelerate business growth through seamless functionality
  • Fully utilize a business systems’ capabilities
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Control document output

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