Powerful document automation technology that is easy to use

We have been pioneering document automation for over 20 years. With HotDocs, your business will enjoy:

More document control

HotDocs can transform even the most complex documents into intelligent, interactive templates that still allow authors to control the data used to populate and generate a customized document. This ensures that the information in your business-critical documents is accurate, increasing compliance and minimizing risk.

Straightforward document production

Creating a new document using a HotDocs template is as straightforward as filling out a form. Your in-house template authors can build in all the controls necessary to ensure that end users create accurate, risk-free documentation. Internal compliance and external regulation can be applied as part of the template creation process, ensuring that all documents automatically conform to your organization’s governance procedures.

Tangible results

Collectively, HotDocs customers save millions in costs and work hours every year. Once implemented, HotDocs vastly reduces the time it takes to produce even the most complex documents, resulting in a huge reduction in staff time and associated costs. Some HotDocs customers now produce in excess of half a million documents per month, with 100% accuracy and compliance.

HotDocs integrations

Other line of business systems can be integrated in to HotDocs to bring efficient document automation capability to the heart of BPM, CRM, document management, and other business applications.