Automated legal forms can be life-changing for your law firm

If you’ve ever wished a document would just complete itself, legal document automation tools can get you at least part of the way there. 

How Banks like Yours are Transforming Operations with Automation

Document automation is a great way for banking organizations to increase their productivity and profitability. Taking the work out of slow, manual processes can often mitigate the potential risks that could arise when working with customer and corporate financial data. Automation looks different for every bank, but there are a few things that all banking...

What is Document Control & How Does Automation Software Make it Easier?

Document control is a technological approach to governing document quality and mitigating risk stemming from human error in the document assembly process. Document control is achieved through process automation and is commonly used by law firms, banks, insurance providers, government agencies, or any organization that produces complex, rule-based documents on a repetitive

Document Automation and Document Management Go Hand in Hand

To fully manage the document life cycle firms need to adopt two different technologies: document automation and document management.

Document Compliance Made Easy

As the marketing executive for HotDocs, a large part of my job is to understand our customers’ documentation challenges and highlight the functionality and benefits that HotDocs customers can use to overcome these challenges.