To improve client service and competitiveness by increasing speed and accuracy of document drafting, potentially increasing profitability by reducing the amount of time spent by fee earners in producing the first draft and enhancing the quality and consistency of documentation.


Purchasing and deploying HotDocs in a variety of ways. For example, utilizing it for complex agreements of over 150+ pages, suites of around 20 simpler documents and some highly specialized usages in the practice areas of Banking & International Finance, Real Estate, Corporate, Tax, Energy Projects, and Construction.

Employment of HotDocs standard coding techniques enables legal know-how, logic and controls to be built into templates, together with specialist features developed, primarily, for multi-document assemblies.

In addition, the coding techniques allow a customized integration between HotDocs and the firm’s document management system. Key practice areas now regard HotDocs as an indispensable tool and the scope for its potential use is viewed as unlimited, with the firm carrying out a rolling program of new development across several practice areas.


“HotDocs has become such an integral part of the way we work that it is now inconceivable that we could ever do without it.” – John Naccarato, Partner, Banking & International Finance