“I have been using HotDocs in my law practice and have been a HotDocs programmer since 2001. My small firm has created 150,000+ documents using HotDocs templates. I love the desktop version of HotDocs, but I must take my document assembly system to the cloud. Recently, I invested a lot of time investigating the cloud versions of HotDocs and some of its competitors. I tried different software systems, but I did not find an automatic document assembly software program that holds a candle to HotDocs.

As a result of my recent research, I decided to invest more time and resources into HotDocs Document Services. It is critical for the future of my law practice that we are able to give prospects and clients the ability to login to our cloud version of HotDocs, so they can enter their own data for us to review before assembling documents. I also want to be able to let clients and prospects enter data into Document Services and have their documents assembled and downloaded to their computer in Word or Adobe PDF format. HotDocs Document Services satisfies both of these important needs. It’s the 21st century, and HotDocs is 21st century software!” – Richard Keyt