HotDocs is used currently in the Corporate Legal department and the Capital Markets department, with plans for future expansion, at a major multinational Fortune 100 corporation with more than 300,000 employees and nearly $150 billion in revenue. Though headquartered in the United States, the company operates in more than 60 countries worldwide. Its products and services are quite diverse, spanning a variety of industries. The ability to efficiently generate documents and contracts is critical to the organization’s success; therefore, both the Corporate Legal and Capital Markets departments depend on HotDocs to reduce risk and increase accuracy.


The Corporate Legal division at this corporation uses HotDocs Server with a custom portal. With security permission, different groups see templates and share the answers they use during the document assembly process.

The company’s Global Patent Operation group has been using HotDocs for many years to create order letters, patent cooperation treaty application (PCT) requests, deposit account order letters, and title pages. After a recent update to their custom portal, they began using direct integration to pull information from their docketing system, which is stored in an Oracle database. The benefits to the Global Patent Operation team include data accuracy and less manual data entry.

In addition, the Corporate Legal group recently began a project using HotDocs to assemble deal sheets, pension estimate requests, and separation agreements. They were able to build significant logic into these templates and, as a result, generate high-quality output documents faster and more efficiently.

The company’s custom portal is also able to pull information from other databases, thereby minimizing data entry errors. The portal is integrated with a single-sign-on process so users are able to access the application in the corporate standard method without having to remember additional login information.


The Capital Markets group at this company was an early adopter of HotDocs’ server-based technology, and has already used the product for more than 10 years. They have built a strong internal team with HotDocs expertise that manages its own custom HotDocs Server document generation web service and builds templates for various groups within the organization. Hundreds of templates are managed internally in the Capital Markets department, including agreements for the leasing of equipment and other important documents.

The document generation web service created by the team at this corporation allows for HotDocs technology to be easily integrated into other internal applications. In turn, template interviews and packages of output documents are incorporated into a website so each specific group in the Capital Markets department can implement the use of HotDocs document generation technology to quickly and efficiently produce high-quality documents.