Many of Pinsent Masons’ clients are large employers with complex business structures. Incorporating a multitude of HR functions, often spread between sites or group companies, these organizations can find it difficult to ensure consistency of approach when drafting sensitive and legally binding documents. During turbulent economic times, there is an increased need for in-house legal and HR teams to generate and issue documents such as Compromise Agreements. Staff working in tandem from disparate locations often leads to inconsistency, inaccuracies and mistakes in the formatting of important documents. Corporate teams are under pressure to create efficiencies, reduce costs, and cut back on the requirement for external consultancy.


The IT team at Pinsent Masons felt that HotDocs software could work harder and offer an added value service to clients. With increased use of Compromise Agreements by FTSE 100 employers, it was decided that a custom system to automate templates for these agreements would be hugely beneficial to a host of corporate clients.

HotDocs offered some template development training and pointers on system integration to enable the Pinsent MasonsIT team to develop a secure online platform offering automated template Compromise Agreements, generated by HotDocs software.

The custom, online system can be set up with differing levels of security, enabling overall and restricted access to individual users, as appropriate. Additionally, the only requirement for accessing the system is an internet browser, meaning it can be accessed from anywhere, without the need for a software download. The twin benefit of online accessibility is that it removes the need for emailing sensitive documents. Finally, the intuitive, automated HotDocs system removes much of the requirement for retyping, resulting in consistency of wording and overall quality of document production.

Aimed principally at PLCs, the system enables HR teams to assemble documents tailored to individuals’ circumstances and reduces the time involved for in-house legal departments at the early stages. With legal teams reviewing documents only before issue, the system frees up time and avoids the laborious inputting of standard details.

Originally piloted within the Oil and Gas sector, the product has now been rolled out to other high profile companies in the fields of corporate finance and insurance.


“Although we had been using HotDocs for several years, we hadn’t realized the full potential of the product. After discussions with the [HotDocs] team, and the subsequent development of our online automation system for Compromise Agreements, we truly believe we have introduced an innovative service which adds enormous value for our clients.” – Sue Gilchrist, Senior Associate