Apr 5 Dronning Eufemiasgate 16, Oslo

Generating Documents: Quickly and Error-free – Let HotDocs and Docusign do the job! HotDocs partner Contesto is hosting a breakfast seminar in Oslo on 5th April 2016.

Contesto will showcase how your company can automate document production using HotDocs, guaranteeing the quality of contracts, agreements and other important documents. HotDocs is a market leader for document automation software in the legal, finance, banking, insurance and other “document intensive” sectors.

Save time – reduce cost – increase quality.

We will also demonstrate how to digitally sign documents using the DocuSign solution. To register for this event please email finn@contesto.no

Meet Contesto, HotDocs and Docusign:

Tuesday 5th April

08:15 – 10:00

Dronning Eufemiasgate 16, Oslo

The date for this event has now passed.