AbacusNext has acquired HotDocs! You can read all about it in the press release here. We’ve created this FAQ to answer common questions HotDocs customers, partners and followers may have. If you have a question not answered here and would like to speak with someone, please email hotdocsquestions@abacusnext.com.

  1. Why did AbacusNext acquire HotDocs?

This acquisition will establish AbacusNext as a leader in document automation for the legal, banking, and insurance industries, as well as government, public and corporate sectors, leveraging from HotDocs’ reputation and brand. HotDocs is a results-driven, customer-focused company with outstanding people, and an established, loyal client base for its document automation software.

Together as one organization, we will offer the most comprehensive portfolio of market-leading solutions that improve performance, mitigate risk, and reduce costs for our customers.

  1. How do AbacusNext and HotDocs products fit together?

This acquisition will combine HotDocs’ market leading document automation technology and industry knowledge with AbacusNext’s 34 years of experience enabling professionals and business to automate their workflow, meet regulations, and eliminate the capital expenditures of IT infrastructure with AbacusNext’s compliance-ready private clouds. The newly expanded AbacusNext products and services portfolio will allow us to deliver the next generation of business management and cloud hosting solutions.

  1. How does this affect me as a HotDocs user?

Only positively! Our clients are at the center of everything we do, so while it’s “business as usual” for you, be on the lookout for additional value adds, new features and services. All of your current products and services will continue to be supported to help you and your organization succeed.

  1. Are there plans to change or discontinue any HotDocs products?

No. We will continue to support and develop HotDocs’ current offerings with the additional resources AbacusNext has to enhance the functionality of existing products as well as develop and release new technologies.

  1. Who do I contact now that HotDocs is part of AbacusNext?

Please continue to use your existing points of contact. If any changes do occur, we will notify you before implementing the change.

  1. Will HotDocs headquarters facility in Edinburgh, UK remain in operation?

Yes, however the main headquarters of AbacusNext will remain in San Diego, California.

  1. Why did HotDocs sell?

The sale of HotDocs was in line with HotDocs growth strategy. HotDocs talent and industry expertise attracted AbacusNext and made this acquisition a natural fit. We are very excited to join forces.Russell Shepherd steps down as CEO and exits the company, holding no further role as the company moves forward.

  1. What happens next?

As the offerings are integrated, the combined client base will benefit from the most compelling products and services portfolio in the industry, with a broad offering to support customer growth that includes private cloud hosting, Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), software solutions, IT infrastructure management, security endpoint protection, and business and document automation. Similarly, the integrated support, development, and engineering teams will result in enhanced development velocity, allowing AbacusNext to continue improving performance, and bring new solutions, features, and functionality to market faster.