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This guide will help to jumpstart your search for the right document automation and better understand the benefits of HotDocs for your law firm.

From standard correspondence to complex wills, trusts, and contracts, too many law firms spend way too much time creating new documents from existing ones and customizing them to meet client needs and requirements.

What if you could create hundreds of documents in a fraction of the time? Like, reducing a 5-hour project to just 45 minutes.

That’s where HotDocs leapfrogs over the competition. Like:

  • Turning frequently used documents into editable templates for professional, polished consistency with minimal effort
  • Generating compliant documents using interactive, wizard-like sequences of data-gathering fields using predetermined business logic
  • Creating customized document variations including formatting, punctuation, and computational requirements
  • Segmenting users into work groups by departments to manage user accessibility, security, and compliance

Your law firm and legal operations department will benefit from automating letters, contracts, court forms and the other documents that eat up your team’s time.

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