HotDocs Training Syllabus
17-19 October 2017

Level 1

Topic Category Level
Understand what document automation and HotDocs are Intro 1
Understand what a HotDocs template is Intro 1
Understand HotDocs Libraries Intro 1
Understand what an Interview is Intro 1
Understand what an Answer File is Intro 1
Review Word Basics Templates 1
Understand the process for template creation Templates 1
Understanding the different types of variables Variables 1
Understand the rules of naming variables (and other components) Variables 1
Understand the difference between variable fields and components Variables 1
Understand variable formatting Variables 1
Understand what a dialog is Dialogs 1
Understand dialog elements Dialogs 1
Understanding how to modify dialog layout Dialogs 1
Understand conditional statements Conditions 1
Understand basic logic concepts (and/or/not) Conditions 1
Understand how to construct Boolean operations as HotDocs expressions Conditions 1
Understand Repeated dialogs Repeats 1
Repeated styles Repeats 1
Understand how to construct REPEAT fields Repeats 1
Repeat formatting Repeats 1
Understand basic HotDocs computation syntax Computations 1
Understanding the environment Computations 1
Understand test assembly Templates 1
Understand how to use the Component Manager Administration 1
Understand HotDocs Libraries and library organisation Administration 1
Understand HotDocs template publishing Administration 1
Understanding INSERT fields External Content 1
Understand the ASSEMBLE instruction External Content 1
Understand Clauses and clause libraries External Content 1
Understand Dot Codes Templates 1

Level 2

Topic Category Level
Understand the type-specific component and field properties Variables 2
Understanding dialog scripting Dialogs 2
Understand how to use a REPEAT field with tables Repeats 2
Understanding sorting and filtering a REPEAT field Repeats 2
Understand shared CMP files Administration 2
Understanding Database Components External Content 2
Understand the different types of Insert External Content 2
Understand variable INSERT statements External Content 2
Comparative analysis of Insert v Assemble External Content 2
Understand how to use the Template Manager Administration 2
Understand form template creation Forms 2
Understand form field creation Forms 2
Understand the different Field Types Forms 2
Understand other field properties Forms 2
Understand field grouping Forms 2
Understand how to ‘Group as table’ Forms 2
Understand how to replace the static form content Forms 2
Understand what’s different about server templates Templates 2
Understand what doesn’t work in server templates Templates 2
Variables in prompts, etc. Templates 2
Manually Restarting numbering Templates 2

Level 3

Topic Category Level
Understand computation output types Computations 3
Understand type conversion Computations 3
Understand loops Computations 3
Understand Parameters and Local variables Computations 3
Understand Operators and their use Computations 3
Understand Instructions vs. Expressions Computations 3
Understanding connecting to data sources External Content 3
Understanding connection types and variable mapping External Content 3
Understanding how to sort and filter data External Content 3
Understand the database Writeback feature External Content 3
Understand the different HotDocs Publishing processes Administration 3
Understand basic HotDocs File Management Administration 3
Understand Source Control options Administration 3
Repeat across columns Repeats 3
Markup view Administration 3
HD Settings Administration 3