Multi-language document templates simplify the challenge of delivering accurately translated documents to your clients and customers. Any industry that produces sophisticated documents, such as lending packages, legal agreements, and customer communications in a variety of languages, can benefit from template capabilities inside document automation software.

In this webinar we hop into the HotDocs platform to cover: 

  • Interview development. Multi-language document templates are populated with information from interviews. Learn how to create interview templates with shared components, add a language selection feature within the interview itself, and how to format the interview for different languages.
  • Multi-language template development. Learn how to create multi-language template sets when you’re using two or more languages across the same set of documents.
  • Overcoming multi-language document challenges. We break down common development and maintenance challenges that users run into when using multi-language templates and how to solve them.

For more information on multi-language documents, check out this quick rundown on creating multi-language templates.