All-State Legal to Publish on HotDocs Market

New Jersey legal forms to be available to ALL-STATE LEGAL subscribers via HotDocs Market.

Lindon, Utah and Edinburgh, UK – ALL-STATE LEGAL, publisher of HotDocs-enabled New Jersey legal forms, will now be utilizing HotDocs Market to distribute the product to subscribers.

Officially launched at LegalTech New York in early February, HotDocs Market is an innovative new service allowing legal publishers to distribute their most up-to-date content to customers via a cloud-based, e-commerce platform provided by HotDocs.

An early adopter of the new HotDocs platform, ALL-STATE LEGAL will be making more than 300 New Jersey legal forms, previously available only on CD-ROM, accessible online through HotDocs Market. The forms cover a range of practice areas including real estate, family law, litigation, general practice, worker’s compensation and estate law and are considered to be the most efficient way for attorneys to practice law in the state of New Jersey. The ALL-STATE LEGAL Forms software on HotDocs Market will be accessible in both Windows and Mac environments.

Susan Jacobs, Director of Marketing at ALL-STATE LEGAL, said: “Offering ALL-STATE LEGAL Forms software on HotDocs Market supports our commitment to leveraging the latest technologies for firms to efficiently create legal forms. We are excited to empower the growing demands of the mobile attorney by enabling form creation on desktops, tablets or smartphones.”

Jonathan Hoy, Director – Publishing Partnerships at HotDocs, concluded: “HotDocs Market is the first of its kind in terms of providing a flexible platform for publishers to distribute HotDocs-enabled content to their subscribers. For users of the site, the service ensures efficient deployment of the most up-to-date versions of expert legal content – available from anywhere, at any time, on any device. We are delighted to welcome All-State Legal to our growing list of respected publishers on HotDocs Market.”