High Profile Law Firm Merger Facilitates Increased Use of HotDocs

After completion on 1st May 2014, the combination of Scottish-based Dundas & Wilson with CMS Cameron McKenna has necessitated an increase in HotDocs User licences, bringing the total number of people creating legal documents via intelligent HotDocs interviews to 1,750.

CMS Cameron McKenna, a long standing HotDocs customer, utilizes the market leading automated document generation technology across a number of key departments to vastly reduce the time spent in the production of a wide range of legal documents.

Peter Cole, Document Development Manager for CMS Cameron McKenna, said: “Since we commenced use of HotDocs 14 years ago, we have transformed several hundred frequently used documents into dynamic templates, which users complete via an intelligent interview to produce an accurate first draft of the legal document, or set of documents, required. The value of document automation to the firm is appreciable and has been evidenced in a variety of ways including controlling costs alongside improvements in quality and service.”

He continued: “Automating the document production process with HotDocs has also helped us to manage risk and create efficiencies in how we carry out our day to day business. We plan to build on this and it was important for us to ensure that our new colleagues from Dundas & Wilson were able to take advantage of our HotDocs processes as quickly as possible – the team at HotDocs smoothly co-ordinated the release of 400 extra User licences to enable new team members to gain access to the software on our completion date.”

The HotDocs consultancy team have also been working with CMS Cameron McKenna to provide a software update aimed at further improving the quality of the documentation produced. HotDocs was updated to its latest version – HotDocs 11 – to complement CMS Cameron McKenna’s Microsoft Office upgrade, providing a host of benefits, such as greater document stability. This latest technology from HotDocs also provides a range of new features and benefits including supporting the DOCX format and the availability of parameter passing and local variables within computations – meaning that automating a document for output in multiple languages is now more dynamic and much easier.

Gary Eunson, Commercial Director for HotDocs, concluded: “The legal sector is HotDocs’ original market and continues to be one of our largest customer groups, meaning that the team’s domain expertize within the legal industry is second to none. This expertize is underlined when HotDocs is so embedded within an organization’s business processes that any increase in staff numbers results in a corresponding increase in HotDocs User licences. It’s a fantastic endorsement of both our product and our team and, from a customer perspective, the value and return on investment provided by HotDocs only intensifies as user numbers go up.”