General Networks supplies HotDocs document automation software

HotDocs Announces New Partnership with General Networks Corporation

HotDocs, the global leader in document automation software, and General Networks Corporation, a national provider of technology consulting and enterprise content management (ECM) solutions, today announced a new partnership that focuses on combining their document automation and ECM expertise for the commercial and public sectors.

Seen as a natural fit, these companies each focus on organizational process improvements and document efficiencies. General Networks has deep expertise in content management solutions and process automation and is now able to offer a more comprehensive suite of services that includes technology for document generation.

With nearly 30 years of experience, General Networks has worked with organizations of all sizes in a variety of industries. They have helped organizations achieve greater productivity with their content creation and management. General Networks has partnered with dozens of technology companies and created fully integrated solutions unique to each company’s needs.

“Our team recognizes that there is customer demand to leverage document assembly tools with existing enterprise infrastructure,” commented Todd Withers, President of General Networks. “HotDocs enables our customers to improve efficiency across a broad range of horizontal functions, like human resources, vendor contract management, and sales order processing.”

HotDocs document assembly software is used by corporations, law firms, banks, and government agencies to quickly and efficiently generate customized documents such as contracts, sales agreements, government forms, and loan documentation. The technology streamlines these processes to enable HotDocs customers to realize faster revenue, improve the customer experience, and reduce operating costs, all while generating error-free documentation.

Speaking of this new partnership, Steve Spratt, Chief Operating Officer at HotDocs, stated, “Organizations are focused on operational efficiencies and need alternatives to large, complicated, and expensive IT projects. The implementation team at General Networks will help commercial and government customers develop streamlined solutions for document production. Using HotDocs with their supported content management and workflow platforms, General Networks can now deliver solutions that are easier to use, highly relevant to business needs, and that offer simplified paths for deployment.”